Tohiish is home to the Viking Hobgoblins. In fact, the name of the northern islands in the Goblin Language actually means “dangerous”.

The hobgoblins are the ruling force. There are also some orcs and some goblins, but none of them really hold any governmental power.

The main population is of halflings, humans, and gnomes and the occasional fish people, but despite being a slaver culture, they are as benevolent as one could expect a goblinoid civilization to be. They have a near-Grecian style of citizenship, where one can earn one’s freedom, but that will only ever get one to an unslaved status.

The king of Tohiish is a mystery even to the people who he leads. After the Atonement, what was left of the goblinoid races were thrown into more chaos than usual. From the roiling disaster, one Rarely seen, he appears only in his ceremonial armor, constantly surrounded by a slew of half-orc bodyguards

Major Dieties: *Fortune

Intermediary Dieties: *Justice *Weather

Lesser Dieties: *Sky

Demigods: *Magic *Seasons

Healing Hunting Agriculture


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