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Ours is a world of paradox.

There are legends that speak of the Time Before, when our world was older and wiser. Well past their prime, the people of then were lazy and bloated with greed. They were hungry for power and wealth, and because they had quested so well for it in the past, they felt world-weary and wise.

But their wisdom did not foresee their Atonement.

The Atonement was swift and it was just, and those that came through it into the Shattered Lands knew that they had stepped forth upon a new world…

To the North, you will find Tohiish, land of the vicious hobgoblins and their enslaved horde.

To the South, there is The Kingdom of the Sun, the wonderous floating land.

The West will take you to the Matriarchy of Neruli.

The East is Vash.

And in the middle of everything is the Blackened Sea.

Main Page

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